[CSGO] Knife Headshot V1.4

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[CSGO] Knife Headshot V1.4

Post by Andreeas » Mon Jan 27, 2020 5:22 pm

I hate the fact that you can't inflict more damage with headshot with your knife.

Two cvars:

knife_headshot_enabled - Default "1" - Set to 1 to enable the entire plugin, 0 to disable the entire plugin.

knife_headshot_multiplier - Default "2.0" - The amount to multiply damage of knife that hits a target in the head. Set to 1.0 if you don't want the damage to change but only to register headshot kills and attacks.

There is also the cvar that allows you to see the plugin's version, useful for stuff like gametracker if you wanna find a server with the plugin in the updated version:

knife_headshot_version - Default "1.4" - The version of the plugin, don't change it unless you wanna confuse players who wish to join your server.

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V1.0: Plugin published.

V1.1: Fixed my mistake making the ConVar for enable and multiplier identical ( oops lol )

V1.2: Fixed terrible bug that can unexpectedly double any headshot regardless of knife or not.

V1.3: Fixed bug that completely changes the way shots are registered due to a mistake in getting if the weapon is a knife. Meaning that if you were to headshot a player with an AK it would say that it was a chest kill, but the damage is still an headshot.

V1.4: Fixed bug created due to Valve's custom knives and got rid of custom includes.

Tricks to kill full health armored opponents by the plugin:

1. Make 1 primary attack in the back in the head.
2. Make 2 primary attacks in the head*
3. Make a single primary attack to the head and 1 secondary attack to the body*
4. Make 2 primary attacks with at-least one to the head and a single secondary attack to the body.
5. Make a single secondary attack to the head.
6. Make 3 primary attacks in the head.

* The first primary attack must not be consecutive for the trick to work.


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