[CS] Extra Spawn Points

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[CS] Extra Spawn Points

Post by Andreeas » Mon Jan 27, 2020 5:11 pm

Hello, here is another plugin I am finally releasing to AlliedMods

Adds extra map spawn points for Counter-Strike games (e.g. CS:GO and CS:S). This can be useful if the total spawn points on a map is lower than the server's maximum players. This will not work correctly for Arena 1v1 servers, but this plugin should be useful for that game-mode. I also recommend using this plugin with a No-Block plugin (or mp_solid_teammates set to 0 on CS:GO).

sm_ESP_spawns_t (Default 32) - Amount of spawn points to enforce on the T team.
sm_ESP_spawns_ct (Default 32) - Amount of spawn points to enforce on the CT team.
sm_ESP_teams (Default 1) - 0 = Disabled, 1 = All Teams, 2 = Terrorist only, 3 = Counter-Terrorist only.
sm_ESP_course (Default 1) - 1 = When T or CT spawns are at 0, the opposite team will get double the spawn points.
sm_ESP_debug (Default 0) - 1 = Enable debugging.
sm_ESP_auto (Default 0) - 1 = Add the spawn points as soon as a ConVar is changed.
sm_ESP_mapstart_delay (Default 1.0) - The delay of the timer on map start to add in spawn points.

* Required *
.smx = Place into sourcemod/plugins folder.

* Optional *
.sp = Place into sourcemod/scripting folder.


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