[CS:GO] Spread Control

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[CS:GO] Spread Control

Post by Andreeas » Mon Jan 27, 2020 5:10 pm

Spread Control v1.0.1
This is a Player Development tool that I hope to add more to later on.

Why would you use this?
Essentially this can be used as a brain game for players to learn how to control their sprays etc. This however is plugin that you would put on a local server that you host on your own computer.

Current Features:
• Stores information about the player every time he fires a bullet with the command enabled
• Calculates the avg. spread from the last fired bullet fired. (it will also display the max and min values. as "(min/max)")
• Calculates the avg. spread from the first bullet fired. (min/max)
• Calculates the avg. distance away from each bullet (used if the player is moving)
• Calculates the avg. velocity of the player when he is firing the bullets

How do I use this?
There's a few ways to do this:
Load the plugin, grab a gun you want to practice on.
type !sc in chat to start the tracking.
Spray a wall.
Press "R" or your reload key
Look at the stats printed.

I recommend making sv_infinite_ammo either 2 or 1, so you do not run out of ammo while messing around.

The main feature is the avg distance from each bullet impact. Getting a lower output means better.
This tool can also be used to determine other things too.
Please request features I have some features I might add later on. I will list features that I will do in this post when I receive enough requests.


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